art in the park

project details

about this project
During a design course at Stephens College, the Columbia Art League approached our class with the challenge of designing that year’s Art in the Park marketing campaign. This annual fair is set up in Stephens Lake Park and has become the largest and most well known art fair in the city. It features a wide variety of booths from traditional paintings, to fashion items, to sculptures. It also features a kid-friendly art fair with interactive booths and activities.

role, responsibilities & concept choices
Sole-Designer; created a logo and campaign poster, then replicated in an program cover, email invitation, T-Shirt design, newspaper ad and thank you card.

I was inspired by the uniqueness of the fair itself; that the CAL sets up inside of the park, amongst the trees and greenery. I sought to create an easily identifiable shape, that upon closer inspection is filled with detail and character. I used bright and bold colors true to those seen in the park in early summer. To this day, this is one of my favorite campaigns I’ve worked on and designed.