asha salonspa marketing campaigns 2015

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In  March of 2015, I took on the role of Graphic Designer & Marketing Coordinator with Bortz Group, working most closely with Asha SalonSpa, one of the Group’s many business ventures. As Asha’s designer and marketer, I work with a small team to create all the marketing materials and collateral for each of the eight SalonSpa locations, plus the Hawthorn Mall Aveda Retail Store. This includes projects ranging from business cards for employees,  to email newsletters, to billboards and banners, and beyond.

In addition, I redesigned and built out a brand new website for Asha SalonSpa and Asha’s sister location, Asha Rockford. To view the details of that project, visit the Asha SalonSpa digital design page here.

role, responsibilities & concept choices
Sole-designer; consult with team to create promotional calendar and to assign promotional discounts for each campaign, then design the collateral from there. My job as the in-house designer is to continually provide innovative designs to keep Asha as the top-of-mind SalonSpa across Chicagoland, but to also maintain the established brand identity of the company with each new piece.

Below represents some of my favorite pieces I’ve worked on with Asha, but represents only a small amount of the campaigns I have created during my time with the company. So far, I have designed and carried out over 15 marketing campaigns, including monthly promotional activities and Holiday specific promotions and discount specials.

Print Collateral

Signage and Billboards

Promotional Emails and Newsletters