emergence gallery show

project details

about this project
During an advertising course at Stephens College, the Davis Art Gallery coordinator approached our class to design the marketing materials for the upcoming gallery show called Emergence. The show featured the capsule closet collection of one benefactor, with pieces ranging from everyday ready to wear garments, all the way to black-tie gala gowns. The color scheme reflected the seasonal transition from winter to spring, hence the title, Emergence.

role, responsibilities & concept choices
Sole-Designer; created the poster design utilizing a photograph I took at the gallery preview. Then created a postcard to advertise the event to Stephens alumnae. Of all the designs pitched in the class, mine was chosen by the coordinator to advertise the show.  Below I included photographs of the final pieces.

I used the typography on this piece to embody the feeling of emergence from winter to spring. I sampled colors from the signature garments for the scheme.