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about this project
While freelancing with Upshot Agency, I was brought on to design a series of presentation boards for Johnson & Johnson. The company puts on multiple seminars throughout the year for different companies to benefit their professional relationship. For this project, Johnson & Johnson was hosting an informational seminar for corporate employees with Rite Aid.

I created a series of 16 board, three foot wide by six foot tall, featuring information and facts about the average diabetic-care customer and their journey to purchase. Below represents a sample of this series, as well as some photographs of the final pieces to show scale and presentation.

role, responsibilities & concept choices
Sole-designer; worked with J&J team at Upshot and received the board content and facts from content writer. Designed each board in similar style that has been used on past boards for Johnson & Johnson, but created a unique color scheme, graphics, and icons for this series.

The final posters were lined up along the exterior of a presentation room. Each needed to be visually striking to catch the viewers attention, but not too cluttered as to stop them from reading. It was also important that they could be viewed in any order as viewers browsed the room. I also kept the content at the top of the board, as too low would be illegible at the readers feet.