lost in the wild – Inside Columbia

project details

about this project
Inside Columbia Lifestyle Magazine of Columbia, Missouri approached my publication design class with this unique story of a Columbia native and his journey to survive the Alaskan wilderness with nothing but the tools in his coat pockets.

Using information and resources provided by IC, each student was tasked to create a feature spread telling the story. The challenge was creating a spread that would entice the magazine’s audience to read, despite the fact that this type of story is one that most would normally overlook.

role, responsibilities & concept choices
Sole designer; was provided story copy and photographic content for spread, then conceptualized and created graphics, typography and character styles; pitched concept publication design to magazine editor and assistant.

When I read this story, I was overwhelmed by the feeling Stuart shared of being completely and utterly alone. I took this feeling and built it in to my spread with the color palette, color correction on the photographs and font choices. My design was selected as front-runner by the editor.