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In the fall of 2011, I joined the staff of my university’s news publication. At that time, the publication took the form of a bi-weekly newspaper, printed on news print. My university, an all women’s liberal arts school with specialized majors like Fashion Design and Equestrian Studies, were generally not interested in reading a newspaper weekly. So, in an effort to regain the readership we’d lost in recent years, my class introduced the idea of a rebrand.

role, responsibilities & concept choices
The resulting process included multiple steps, all of which I participated in, even spearheaded in some regards. This process included a pitch to administration, to get approval to move to a new format in the first place, focus groups and marketing efforts to build excitement for the new Stephens Life, plus the entire creative process of building a new brand from the ground up.

Below includes my contributions to pitching the Stephens Life Rebrand, plus the resulting magazine that the university still publishes today for which I was editor in chief of the first two inaugural issues.

phase one – rebrand pitch

Each student was given the assignment to reimagine the publication with a new look and feel. It was important to create a new brand that was updated and professional, but also had mass appeal with the student body. We needed to create a publication that students not only wanted to pick up, but looked forward to reading each semester.

My aesthetic for the brand was simplistic and clean. I utilized typography and atypical alignments to bring a fresh perspective to ordinary stories. I used bright, jewel toned colors throughout. The pages below provide a mockup of cover design, table of contents and letter from the editor spread, plus an example of an editorial story layout.

stephens life redesignstephens life redesign
stephens life redesign

phase two – magazine execution

After pitching all ideas, the administration chose to blend ideas from many presentations to form the new SL brand. Many of my ideas were included in the final design. In addition, as executive editor, I oversaw the creation and production of the final product. I managed the staff of writers and reporters and assisted in laying out all the pages of the publication. I even reported and wrote for two articles. It was a busy year!

Below are the two inaugural issues of Stephens Life, the magazine. We also created a brand new website using wordpress. This magazine was published once a semester and included the best stories from those published online weekly.

Having trouble with the embedded Issuu viewers below? Following this link to view Volume One – Fall 2012 and this link to view Volume Two – Spring 2013 on

stephens life redesign
stephens life redesign

volume one – fall 2012

volume two – spring 2013