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When I first started working with Kristen at Hoot Design Co, she was looking to increase her brand awareness in order to better attract the particular client niche she was seeking. We began by building out a new website that was more sophisticated and user friendly from the HTML site she was previously running. She needed ecommerce functionality to sell ready-to-ship prints, so I built out a new site for her using Shopify.

role, responsibilities & concept choices
Sole Web Designer; Co-Graphic Designer with shop owner; Kristen and I worked together to develop new website graphics and branding elements. a website using WordPress and a basic template then edited the HTML & CSS to align with the clients specific needs and request. Also designed and created a monthly email newsletter.

We wanted to attract a specific type of client for Hoot, one that appreciated great design and pretty paper goods and was willing to pay for the best of both. We made the site clean and bright, reflective of Kristen’s prints and design style.

hoot design co
hoot design co