north village arts district – farmers and artisans market

project details

about this project
Spring 2012, while working as a designer at Hoot Design Co,  the North Village Arts District came to us in need of a simple and easily navigable website upgrade from the intern-created blog they were currently running. The final website also needed to be created with the intention that the client would take over maintenance after it was built, hence the simple layout and minimal custom coding on the homepage.

role, responsibilities & concept choices
Sole-Designer; created a website using WordPress and a basic template then edited the HTML & CSS to align with the clients specific needs and request. Also designed and created a monthly email newsletter.

I wanted this website to be playful and energetic, two aspects that make this farmers market unique to the Columbia, MO area as it combines both organic produce and artisan pieces, side by side.

nvad fam
nvad fam