Oh, hey there!

Welcome to Lily & Lucky… I am Lily and Lucky is my kitten. We are two peas in a pod.

I think that the best way to start off a blog is to introduce yourself, so the reader can know who is behind all the madness they are reading on the screen. My name is Lily Brodzinski and I am a senior at Stephens College. I am known for my striking red hair and my fierce loyalty.  That loyalty drives me everyday as everything I do in life, I do to make a certain few people proud. Those people include my boyfriend, Wade, my family, my sorority sisters and best friends. Most of all, and no surprises here, my heart is wrapped around the little paws of my kitten, Lucky Girl. I have another little kitty, Mooshu Cat, who lives at my parents house. She will be making guest appearances from time to time. (You might get to know those two better than you’ll know me, I love to brag about my sweet girls!)

In addition to those most important in my life, I am also extremely passionate about my work. Design is almost an obsession to me. I love all forms of design, but mostly graphic design and web design consume my life. It is my goal to take problems and solve them beautifully. I thrive on being creative (along with coffee and redbull) and take every single opportunity that I am given to take a predicament and resolve it through stunning design.

One day I will open my own small company that creates custom communication design for clients like wedding invitations, branding and logos and other event collateral. Until then, I am searching far and wide for a job in the professional world that allows me to be creative daily. Meanwhile, I will be sharing my inspirations, crafting projects, current design endeavors and photography with this blog. I hope you’ll come back and see me from time to time as I take on my first attempt at blogging… Its great to meet you, I am glad you stopped by!

Lil & Luck