Hey, I’m Lily and I am a graphic designer.

When my mom learned her first child would be a girl, she immediately bought one of those fancy, lengthy baby name books. She found one she thought would be particularly helpful and flipped through to the section entitled “Standing Out, but Fitting In”. She examined the page for names that caught her eye and saw “Lily” jumping off the page at her. That was it, she was sold. So I became Lily. And low and behold, I like to stand out, but fit in.

I love design.

I love that design can take many forms, and I enjoy creating art through every one of them; fashion design, interior design, event design, you name it. But thanks to the time I spent at Stephens College, I learned that I am most passionate about communication design. Creating beautiful things for web and print make me happy.

I would love to design for the rest of my life.

I am currently pursuing that dream while balancing loving my husband and family, consuming way too much coffee, and spoiling my little BabyCat Lucky. Being creative and busy at all times is my way of life.

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lily hitchcock - graphic designer

photo above captured by erin stubblefield