My career objective is to contribute to the success and growth of an organization by utilizing my creativity, education, and experience through graphic design.

Lily Hitchcock Graphic Designer Resume

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press & praise

“I first met Lily as a student, when I was her instructor at Stephens College. She immediately struck me as a go-getter. She worked harder and longer on her projects because she wanted perfection. This trait is one I am always looking for when searching for interns, so I invited Lily to work for me at Hoot Design Co. She was with me for over two years, and I only wish I had a permanent position I could offer her to lure her back to Columbia. Her heart and determination never wavered, even after she had obviously proved herself to me. She always offered to do more, come back later, or stay late. She also had an extremely mature way with clients. Even at such a young age, I would feel completely comfortable putting Lily directly in touch with my best clients.

Lily’s fortitude and desire to learn, made her an employee I wish I could clone.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Lily on several projects, and it’s been a wonderful experience. She is the type of worker that will stay late just to make sure a deadline is met, always asking what else she can do to help. She is thorough and attentive to detail, and works hard make sure the job is done right. In addition to a great work ethic, Lily has wonderful ideas and is not afraid to think outside the box to ensure that a design offers the best possible user experience. Her positive attitude, jovial personality, and polished demeanor make her a great asset to any team.”

“Lily brings so much creativity to the workplace through her design ideas and capabilities, to her wonderful style and work ethic. She exudes a positive outlook, not only on a daily basis, but toward any challenge that may fall into her path. Working alongside Lily has made me appreciate the creative side of my job even more and strive to better understand projects from a designer’s perspective.”

“I had the privilege of working creatively with Lily on numerous projects and accounts at Captiva. Her dedication to the accounts she worked on, coupled with her strong work ethic, was truly exceptional. Lily was always willing to spend the time necessary to create professional grade design pieces for clients, ensuring their complete satisfaction. She has the creative drive and fortitude to accomplish any design project she is tasked with and does so in a timely manner. Lily truly is an indispensable asset to any employer.”